Welcome To Âlâ Kapı

With the rapid growth of the construction sector in our country in the 2000s, it was noticed that there was a gap in the production of wooden interior room doors, and since 2007, the production of semi-finished and finished products for wooden interior room doors has been started professionally. At the point we have reached, we have completed the modern machine park in a total area of ​​10.000 m2 with 7000 m2 closed area and have been able to produce 60.000 doors annually.

However, laminate flooring of Turkey’s leading companies, kraft honeycomb and COMPAK laminate franchises have been, then COMPAK laminate products and laminate flooring sales and installation to başlanmıştır.2018 year as Africa and has been initiated and Middle East countries export campaign, in this regard has been considerable distance Our company designs and manufactures all kinds of interior doors, compact laminate productions and also sells laminated parquet, door surface semi-finished products and door hardware materials.